I’m struggling with the idea of financial gain when I’m also concerned about community and environment…

And I’m glad you’re struggling because it means you care about your fellow humans and the only place we get to call home. But social responsibility and financial gain aren’t always mutually exclusive ideas. In fact, they can be complimentary ideas when you consider all the businesses that are developing alternative energy. Whether you start up such a business or you simply invest in one on the stock market, you can play a part as well as make financial gain.

I also congratulate you for identifying this conflict at an early stage because anti-money ideas that lurk unaddressed in your subconscious will mysteriously sabotage your efforts! You need what I refer to as “life lucidity” to reach your goals.

If your passion is community and/or environment as opposed to this being an internal conflict, I recommend you channel this energy in a constructive way. Join the growing ranks of entrepreneurs who are setting the example with products and services that are socially responsible. To help with business ideas as well as learn more about yourself and our planet and our place in it, I think you’d enjoy my new book, The You Code – Your New Life Map Hidden in Your Ancient Genes