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• As explained in the presentation, Genetypes are associated with biology, not biography. So, they are broken down according to SEX. This has nothing to do with gender, which is a biographical factor, not biological. References to “he” or “she” are a reference to the biological sex of the Genetype in question.

• We are looking at OTHER PEOPLE here, not you. Please resist the temptation to look for your Genetype because this material is structured to find OTHER PEOPLE. This is IMPORTANT!


She derives genuine happiness from nurturing and helping others. If she has children, they become her identity, even as they become adults. Nurturing others gives her pure joy, the bitter and the sweet this task carries. Selfishness in others appalls her. She’s “a ray of sunshine” to those she comes into contact with, and “an angel” to those she cares for. This dominant driver of her personality often means she has trouble refusing the distress calls of others, especially her children, meaning she can take on too much at once, and this can lead to stress, worry, and oversensitivity.

You see her as such a great listener, and kind and generous. She perhaps prefer to stay home too much. She’s too hyper focused on caring for others, potentially to an unhealthy degree for both her and the recipient of her caring, though she would never concede this. You might see a paradox in her: hanging above her radiant compassion is a persistent dark cloud, an inexplicable sorrow that you could easily interpret as negativity.

Enigmatic, wise, and in control of her emotions. She’s a strategic thinker and a great judge of character, adding her female intuition to the often predominantly male team she fights for. She has no time for feminism and wants no special treatment for being a woman. Ultra-competitive, she’s a fighter that thrives on overcoming challenges. Fancy car, top hotels, and/or symbols of victory are required. She’s a father’s daughter, and her relationship to him is paramount.

You may sense plans going on behind her stoic eyes. Other females are either impressed by her ability to remain calm or are baffled by what they perceive is a lack of emotion, so they often try to loosen her up with partying.

She’s a free spirit, sensitive to energy, other people, and animals. She’s immune to the material trappings that tempt most other people, and she enjoys simplicity. This sensitivity to energy also means she can feel the pain and fear of others, and this can be too much for her to bear, so she often withdraws from life and public to escape it. Otherwise she’ll try to please everyone in an attempt to ease their suffering, often becoming a “chameleon” to keep The Energy Field undisturbed, but when she does this too much she snaps and hibernates. Eager to listen and empathize but not easily swayed or pressured by others, she has an endearingly kooky demeanor.

You might see her as flaky and eccentric, though undeniably fun to be around. Literally or figuratively, she’s the proverbial woman who lives alone in the woods, growing herbs and playing with animals, a gypsy, a kind witch, happily in her own world.

She glides across the room, oozing femininity and pheromone, both male and female heads turning in her wake as she gracefully conceals the power and joy that being the center of attention brings her- she needs to be the center of attention, also. You could easily stereotype her as a bimbo or husband-stealer, and it’s easy to see why, but this is surprisingly untrue if you can get under the surface. She’s a born actress who loves the spotlight and camera, and she loves the thrill of the chase. She is vain, almost entirely focused on her appearance, and she fears ageing more than others because she attaches her beauty to her happiness.

You can make her ears burn all you want, but there’s no such thing as bad publicity as far as she’s concerned. It’s convenient for females to brand her as a slut/bimbo/jezebel/harlot/femme fatale or plain “bitch,” but that’s something she’s had to deal with since childhood so she conceals her feelings about it. She can be a muse to those who will listen.

She is fearless and focused, capable of achieving a multitude of goals with vigor. But what it’s really about for her is independence and equality for all, protecting those who need protecting, standing on the wall between the vulnerable and those who would oppress them. It’s as if she’s on permanent standby, poised to strike at threats to the weak, the minority, or the vulnerable, often going too far in her reaction to the threat. She may have an androgynous and/or Amazonian appearance, but not detracting from her attractiveness.

She’s not the stay-at-home type, and she likely appreciates nature and the planet, especially exploring and protecting it. The protecting can go too far, though, and you might sometimes feel she’s burning down the “village” in the process of protecting the “villagers.”

Forever young, inside and outside, she doesn’t let the daily drudgery of life get her down, happy in her innocent bubble. Being oblivious to the danger in the world gives her a sense of being immune to The Big Bad Wolf, it makes her confident, and that’s seductive to you as she appears to have all the answers. She’s in the moment with no care for tomorrow.

A playful and innocent child in an adult’s body, she wants you to stay in “Never-Never” land with her, putting marriage and children on constant postponement. But the delightful childlike character often has the consequences of being dependent on you to make decisions for her and look after her, making her vulnerable to evil and wrong-doing. She often attracts a protective friend because of this, like the characters in Ridley Scott’s film Thelma and Louise, with her as Thelma. But, just as in that movie with Thelma, if she crosses a “river of fire” in life, she would have transformed into a more mature woman who has seen healing as her destiny. With this type, spotting her depends on which side of this river she’s on.

She’s a no-nonsense leader, and a “queen” who wishes to reign alongside another as equal partners. Tough and capable, she’s a woman who requires respect from you and watches over her family and/or professional subordinates if she has no family. Her identity is wrapped up entirely in her family, especially her romantic partner; their career is her career, and she loyally stands at their side for better or worse. She is a champion of marriage and fidelity. If her partner was unfaithful, she’d blame the other party before her partner. If she chooses a partner wisely, she idolizes them. If she has yet to find The One or if she has lost her One, she would instead divert this energy into her children, or to her own corporation, or any form of surrogate family she could rule over and support

However much you may complain about her butting into your business or being overly controlling, it’s probably her you turn to for advice, and you might love how she’s always there for you. She makes it her business to know everyone else’s business, including yours, but that’s a matriarch’s job: to maintain order in the group by knowing who’s doing what and passing judgment with her word as law.


Many people focus on their professional life, but for him it is his life, and happily so. He’s focused and driven. He’s the perfect wingman and a loyal senior manager if you know him as a colleague. He’s a strategic, a logical planner, and a team player. Smart, orderly, and wise, he loves to solve problems, bring order out of chaos, and use diplomacy.

He can be competitive in a calm and healthy way, provided that arrogance doesn’t creep into the exchange. You may sometimes perceived as fake if he schmoozes too hard. In his personal life he can be seen as lacking spontaneity and passion, somewhat withdrawn and robotic. If you’re his family, you might wish you could feel closer to him, wanting him to let his hair down more, express emotions, and to not be so rigid or even pompous. More spontaneous types can feel very confined around him. But when you’re faced with a situation, you are reminded of how he can be counted on, always there for you.

Driven by a need for knowledge and understanding of the world, he requires solitude to reflect and be alone with his thoughts. And the more he knows of the world, the more he feels the need to withdraw from it; the drama, the hypocrisy, the brutality, the superficiality, it appalls him. His home is his castle, his laboratory, his watchtower, his bunker, and it’s where he wants to spend most of his time. But he’s happy to leave the home to travel to strange new lands, to learn and explore.

He’s an intelligent and particular man, and you might perceive him as distant and aloof if you didn’t know him better. And if you do know him better, you might see him as eccentric or weird and somewhat disorganized. He can shock you when you become victim to one of his rampages, which can take a personal and intimidating turn, as you previously wrote him off as a timid hermit.

He’s emotional, and these emotions sometimes overwhelm him; he loses control of them as if another entity has possessed him. But he has a powerful and vivid imagination, he can visualize possibilities easier than most, and he’s especially creative. He likes to challenge the norm, even for the sake of it. Passionate and spontaneous, intimidating and invasive, his eyes say it all: mysterious, intense, soulful, and ready to burn into foes, real or imagined. He probably likes to wear loose or comfortable clothes before fashionable ones.

There is urgency underlining every word he says, as if your every exchange is life or death, animated and emphatic. In relationships he can be jealous, making him fly off the handle over nothing. He can be spontaneous and wild, heart of a party or a night out. Or he
can be solemn and moody, dragging you down with him.

Most men love women, but not the way he does; he takes it to a different level and from a different perspective. Women fascinate him, he sees beauty in some form in all women. This affinity and fascination with women makes him naturally do something that most other males can’t or won’t do: he listens to them. And that endears him to women. He’s a smooth-talking gentleman.

He wants and dreams about a playboy lifestyle, but this often remains just a dream, many men seeing him as a dropout or an anarchist. Great to talk to and fun to be around. Sensitive, and that can make him changeable and suffer from mood swings.

Forever young, carefree, and cocky. He pranks and plays, and he encourages you to loosen up. He doesn’t enjoy commitments or things that might tie him down, he needs freedom. Life is supposed to be fun in his eyes, and he dresses accordingly, often in a childlike way. In fact, he has many childlike qualities such as being innocent, curious, and fun-loving.

He can be charming and mischievous, eavesdropping and telling stories, living in a fantasy world. Often, if you try to engage in a serious conversation with him, you wonder if you’re getting through; he appears distracted, somewhere else, with a blank look on his face. He struggles to make decisions by himself, so if you know him well he’ll probably come to you for help.

In the moment, in his body, in the fight. He’s fearless and protective. Fiery and quarrelsome, he walks through life on a knife edge, scanning for danger. His is the wrong house to break into, a truly bad day for the invader. Quick to the fists, sometimes too quick, actions are preferable to words. He can fly off the handle too easily, and this can lead to relationship issues. He is a very literal man, and he’s spontaneous and drawn to danger.

He usually dresses in a practical way, preferring combat shorts or a utility belt over a suit. He seems on edge, on standby, often overreacting to things you do or say. He prefers straightforward guy-talk than feelings, and he feels more comfortable around men’s men.

He needs to be the man in charge, and he speaks with an accordingly forceful tone. If you challenge his power or position you will incur his wrath, and justifiably so, he believes. Best friends or worst enemies? You must make this choice when it comes to him, although when he says “best friends,” he actually means “loyal subjects.” If family members don’t regularly come to pay their respects of their own accord, they could be in danger of being financially cut off or excommunication or his disapproval. And if they show up when he’s had to run out, he thinks that’s too bad because he’s an important man.

He struggles to show emotions, he sees that as weakness. He sees a black and white world, with you either with him or against him, on a quest for greater power, and he often succeeds thanks to his aptitudes, confidence, and charm. You will probably either see him as a great leader or a megalomaniac, depending on adept he is at managing his inherent leadership skills.