The C.I.A. spy trick

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Dear Friend,

I know you’ve heard it all before, so I’ll cut to the chase by saying something you’ve NEVER heard before…

I’m so certain that this shocking discovery is the answer to your prayers that I’m going to give you 50 shares of the first stock FREE of charge so you can see the raw power of this for yourself at NO RISK.

And then simply follow my instructions.

This is it. This is THE ONE…

Please hear me out for a few minutes and I’ll explain…

Let me first ask this question:

What if there was a fast and simple way to turn a thousand pounds into a million?

There is…

You just have to find a way to get ten times profit on your thousand pounds… and use it three times over, as you can see here:

1. Your £1,000 times ten = £10,000…
2. Then take that £10,000 and times ten = £100,000…
3. Then take that £100,000 and times ten = £1,000,0000!

Yes, £1,000 becomes a million in just 3 ten times your profit steps like that.

So, you just need a way to make ten times your money, right?

Well, the right penny stocks have been PROVEN to easily go up TEN TIMES in value…!

The Million Pound Question…

So, the big question is:

Is it possible to find just 3 ten times your money penny stocks that would turn £1,000 into a MILLION POUNDS?

Of course it’s possible. This happens to the right penny stocks regularly (I call them “lottery stocks” because it’s like winning the lottery!).

The question for me when I first started trading was: HOW to find just 3 such lottery stocks?

I’m a 20-year trading veteran and founder of several proven and proprietary trading systems, and after decades of trial-and-error trading and research, I finally figured out what has the highest chance of finding these 3 lottery stocks…

And, strangely, the discovery came from repurposing a C.I.A. spy trick that has nothing to do with stock trading!

It’s shockingly simple.

Please let me explain…

The shocking discovery…

Something that always tormented me was this fact:

I KNEW that somewhere out there, amongst all the hype, lies, and nonsense on the Internet, TRUE insider information about penny stocks existed.

And to possess such information would have virtually guaranteed me finding those 3 lottery stocks that turn £1,000 into a million.

That thought occurred to me decades ago, when I first started trading, and it never left me.

Anyway, the idea came to me after I watched a CIA spy documentary before falling asleep. Later that night, I woke up with a jolt. Something came to me in a dream. I ran to my study to write it down before I forgot…

… I suddenly had a weird theory I wanted to test…

My first step was to dig up as much penny stock hype as I could find on the Internet. You might know the sort of thing I’m talking about; chat rooms and social media, etc. So many people hyping up so many stocks, it’s a jungle of opinion, misinformation, and pure nonsense.

This came as no surprise to me, but I wanted to test something out…

So I went to work, doing what I’d done successfully in the past: looking for patterns, something all these talked about penny stocks had in common, observing which kinds of hyped up stocks became lotto stocks, and generally looking for a system that would consistently filter out the winners from all the hype, testing my weird theory.

And here’s what I discovered:

96% of these hyped up penny stocks on the Internet, I wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole.

But I created a list of them to watch, anyway. I wanted to see which, if any, of these penny stocks would live up to the Internet hype and chatter using my theory.

So, I watched this mud of misinformation carefully, hoping to see some jewels in it…

Load up on jewels, not mud…

And there was a glimmer of hope…

In a short time, I noticed that 4% of these hyped up penny stocks came to life and rocketed higher… like bats out of hell!

That got my attention.

Shivers went down my spine as I prepared for an all-nighter to see if there was a pattern that showed something that this minority of lotto stocks had in common…

These lotto stocks WOULD have turned £1,000 into a MILLION. FACT!

It was like holding a treasure map with an “X marks the spot” and all I had to do now was go get the treasure.

Although, I was being optimistic thinking it would be an all-nighter. It was more like an all-monther…

But I found the pattern.

And the strangest part is that this life-changing system has everything to do with a little-known CIA spy trick and nothing to do with stock trading!

I felt as though I’d discovered a weird way to win the lottery!

This was it.

I found my ultimate money-printing system.

Of course, I’m now using it myself anyway, so why not offer to take a few people along for the ride?

I know you’re busy and you have some questions, so once again, I’ll cut to the chase by answering those questions…

“So, what is the CIA spy trick and how does it work?”

You may have heard of how intelligence agencies like the CIA and MI6 monitor “chatter” between flagged terrorist groups and how the chatter peaks just before something could happen?

Well, using an incredible (and strangely addictive!) free website I’ll show you, I’m able to apply the same thing to penny stocks!

This puts the right stocks on my radar and is a powerful starting point for the shortlist.

Then, each of these hyped up penny stocks should successfully pass a kind of “lie-detector test” to become a potential lotto stock that is positioned to make ten times profit…

Which, when happens 3 times, turns £1,000 into a MILLION.

It’s very simple, and all you have to do is trade the penny stocks I tell you to. You’re just trading what I trade myself!

“Do I need any experience of penny stocks?”

ZERO experience of ANY kind of stock trading needed!

Actually, it’s precisely because of this CIA spy trick that the ability for ANYONE to turn £1,000 into a MILLION in just 3 trades has NEVER been so available!

Never even traded a stock in your whole life?

Perfect. The less you know the better. This means no bad habits to unlearn!

Seriously, I’ve made this so simple a child could do it. 1-2-3 baby steps. I even explain how to buy and sell a stock. I’ve never made anything as basic as this.

“Is this difficult?”

Can you push two buttons?

That’s all it takes to make the trades I’ll show you how to make!

The CIA spy trick does all the heavy lifting for us. You see, “chatter level” is everything. This is a big filter. The rest is following the simple steps I’ll give you.

“But can penny stocks be low risk?”

This is a great question because penny stocks have a reputation for being high reward but also high risk…

But what if we could take away the high risk part and keep the high reward part?

That’s exactly what this system does…

You see, I set things up so we don’t only filter out the 4% of penny stocks that pass my test, but we won’t even buy those stocks unless they offer a low risk way to buy them.

That’s the power of a system like this.

“How long does it take to set this up? How much work is involved?”

No more than thirty minutes to get set up, and I’ll walk you through the whole thing.

Then, once you’re using this system there’s no need to stare at a computer or keep checking on things.

I will tell you what to do and when!

Here’s the “work” involved:

1. Buy the penny stock I show you (it takes 10 seconds).
2. Get on with your life!
3. Sell the penny stock when you get an email alert to do so.
4. Rinse and repeat until a MILLION is banked!

If you don’t see SUCCESSFUL penny stock trading as the LAZIEST WAY TO A MILLION, I don’t know what you think would be!

“Can I start with any amount?”

Yes. If you want to start with £100 that’s 4 steps to a million using this method. If you want to start with £10,000 that’s just TWO steps to a MILLION!

I give you simple software that lets you plan this out.

AND, as I’ll explain in a second, remember that I’m going to effectively GIVE YOU 50 SHARES of a stock that this system selected! Details follow…

“Can I use spread betting with this?”

Absolutely! If it’s listed on IG Index (as most are), go ahead and enjoy more gains and tax-free.

“What guarantee is there that this will work?”

Because I’m going to do it all for you! And when you consider that I’m giving you your first 50 shares for FREE, what do you have to lose?

… and 3% of people reading this confidential letter will accompany me on this fast and lucrative ride…

Here’s how to get in on this…

Can I send you money… and then make you a million…?

Yes, seriously…

I’M GOING TO SEND YOU MONEY to kick-start your fast path to a fortune. If you get a place on my Penny Stock Millionaire stock recommendation service, I’ll send you enough money to buy 50 shares of a stock that I pick using this system.

That’s how sure I am that this will blow you away.

Trade with my money, follow my instructions, and see for yourself…


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This is a no-brainer, but I understand that some people won’t take a chance even if it means making a life-changing amount of money. And that’s fine because I don’t want to take scared people along for the ride; they’ll just get in the way of themselves and mess up even my simple buy and sell recommendations.

If you’re still here, let’s get started…

Ready to make the next million with me?

I watch and laugh as all the “experts” and “traders” brag about making 10% a year. Even the world’s most famous invest- Warren Buffet- makes around 20% a year…

Listen, if I don’t make 20% a DAY I’m frustrated!

Welcome to my world.

You’re going to like it here.

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Jim Sheridan.

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