On any given day, how much energy do you waste fighting battles you can’t win and/or are pointless?

It’s all about energy…

You know that little battery charge icon on your phone? Imagine you have one inside you that indicates your consciousness percentage level. When it gets to 0% you lose consciousness; you become irritable, selfish, absent-minded, and unable to perform until you go into “sleep mode” so you can recharge, right?

We operate at optimal performance levels when our “batteries” have a full charge, hopefully at the beginning of the day. So, we start each day with a 100% consciousness charge.

Now, with a full battery, what do you want to accomplish today?

Here’s a simple example, based on my own typical day:

1. Get my kids to school on time, safely, and dispatched with a feeling of love and confidence in their hearts.

2. Complete today’s professional goals with joy and diligence, delivering the best possible work to others (this micro-goal being a part of a macro-goal, so all I have to focus on is today’s goal).

3. Go to the gym (physical energy also depletes our batteries).

4. Have enough battery life left in me to be a good dad and husband after my working day, and to be mindful of my thoughts and actions so I can be kind and compassionate in my home life. Selfishness and complacency are the enemies of good relationships.

Your day might be different. Consider your goals and divide up your daily battery-life budget accordingly.

So, if I (my ego) had wasted battery-life on that day defending a point of view to someone who would never be convinced, getting frustrated by the car in front for driving like an old lady, or ranting about the employee who was a “quiet quitter,” how much battery-life would I have left for the tasks that actually mattered; the tasks that take me closer to my life-goals?

My professional and personal life would suffer, as would my health if all that was left of me chose alcohol instead of the gym.

It’s conceivable that one could be down to 0% before even starting their working day if not mindful!

And we’ve all had days like that…

If you had a bad night’s sleep you might start the day with 50%, so on days like that we have to be even more energy conserving. Sleep is vital in the grand scheme of things when you look at it this way.

So, give this “battery-life” method a try. It helps me stay at peak performance through the day. You’ll also be amazed at how many things you can and should let fly.

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