Make James’s Background Work for You

James Sheridan’s background is as eclectic as it is accomplished, and he can help you or your organization in a variety of ways you won’t expect. As he says in his own words below:

“Every road we’ve taken brings us to this present moment, and it all happened for a reason. That reason is so we can each be of service, and the many interesting roads I’ve travelled have now merged into a unique and powerful service for my customers…

Starting from the beginning of my adult life, here’s my background and what each part of it taught me, not to impress you as much as impress upon you the many ways I know I can help you:

As a professional hockey player at age 17, I learned the importance of putting the right player in the right position, and the same thing applies to companies and individuals today: each of the personality types has a gift, and the magic happens when each is giving that gift; the right player in the right position. But disasters happen when it’s vice versa! This time also taught me at a young age the value of dedication, discipline, and teamwork.

Meanwhile at London Guildhall University, psychology teachers made me question everything as well as learning what the status quos were in the first place before I could be allowed to break them. This was where I acquired my interest in psychology that would eventually lead to the Sheridan Geno Personality Type tm (SGPT); a system that can transform your business on all levels.

After working weekends during college at my father’s car dealership as a salesman, when he sold the business and I was finished with college, I persuaded FIAT Chrysler to give me the position of regional sales manager (even though I was only 22 years old and up against more experienced people that were twice my age). It was a ludicrous victory. This taught me never, EVER to say something can’t be done, and to relish doing what people say cannot be done. Also, this was my first experience of training and consulting for organizations other than my own- as the sales manager responsible for west London dealerships I was in at the deep end. This is where I discovered my love of teaching, speaking, and selling.

Being an airline captain forced me to appreciate the power of a system and using it in a disciplined way, especially with crisis management. Too many businesses don’t even have a system, and the efficiency and productivity this can bring is often overlooked. Also, the importance of communication and diplomacy within a group, to get results while keeping all members calm and efficient. Good decisions are partly about understanding the potential pitfalls of human psychology such as confirmation bias, the Barnum effect, and error chains that apply to a boardroom as much as a cockpit.

Owning and operating a business and bringing it to Inc. 5000 status obviously forced many lessons on me that I bring to your table. Especially direct marketing, where I won several awards for copywriting, and the increasingly exciting applications technology is bringing. The company was in financial research, and I personally created several proprietary and high-performing stock trading and investment systems, one of which beats Warren Buffet since 1980 (individuals have an unfair advantage over fund managers so it wasn’t a fair fight, to be fair on him). Also, being a successful stock trader contains many powerful lessons that any organization and individual can benefit from, such as trusting a proven system even if it goes against the consensus, and overcoming the natural human tendency towards destructive fear and greed. I have a talent and passion for taking the complex and breaking it down into a simple system almost anyone can follow. I see patterns in things that most people do not. What patterns would I see and build on in your organization or life?

Even being an international bestselling novelist created experiences that are of value to my customers today. Storytelling is at the center of today’s marketing, and every company and individual must now tell their story as a simple matter of survival. I would like to help you develop and tell your story.

All my roads led me here, and now to my clients. Whatever your objective in life, personal or professional, it all comes back to people. We assume people are all the same or are all different, but the truth is a little of both. Most importantly, each of the 14 SGPT types is shockingly different and requires different handling for best results. The SGPT types are more than an interesting thing to know; they are the key to a deeper understanding of humanity itself, and a major key to unlocking your objectives.”

– James Sheridan, Newport Beach 2023.

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Full Bio:

James Sheridan is an award-winning and international bestselling author and speaker, award-winning copywriter, co-founder of an Inc. 5000 corporation, and consultant to clients that have included Nasdaq-listed corporations. CPD certified trainer and Coach of Excellence, and psychology and history graduate. James is founder of the “groundbreaking” and award-winning Sheridan Geno Personality Type (SGPT) system to set the new global standard. Former Zone Sales Manager for FIAT Chrysler (youngest in their history). Former 737 airline captain and record-breaking experimental aircraft pilot. Former pro hockey player.

Born in London, England in 1970. As the only son of a single mother, Sheridan started from humble beginnings before embarking on an eclectic journey of diverse careers and accomplishments. During college he became a professional ice hockey player in Britain’s premier league.

After studying history and psychology at college, he became the youngest regional sales manager for the automobile manufacturer, FIAT Chrysler Auto Group. Using this highly paid job to save money, at twenty-two years old, Sheridan paid for his own training to get a commercial pilot’s license, moving to America to do so. Upon earning his wings, he slashed his way through a bad recession to survive as a pilot, landing his first pilot job flying cargo to The Caribbean, and secretive diplomatic mail flights from Miami to Cuba in unmarked aircraft as a foreign national. After building enough flight time, he returned to England to find a job with a regional airline before attaining the prized goal of 737 airline pilot at London’s Heathrow Airport.

After peaking early as a 737 airline captain at 29 years old, Sheridan resigned to start businesses, invest in real estate, and trade financial markets, determined to unlock the shortcuts and secrets of all aspects of life that he then passed on through the world of self-improvement to his tens of thousands of students around the globe in a runaway success represented by the founding of an Inc. 5000 company; an award given to America’s fastest growing companies.

Sheridan moved back to America in 2003, and in 2007, determined to expose a medical cover-up, Sheridan wrote the fact-based novel, The Pandora Prescription, which became a bestseller in America and China, also published in Italian and Turkish, and reaching the third highest selling book in all categories on Amazon, and number one in thrillers. It was also the first book in history to have a petition signed by tens of thousands of people to ensure it would not be banned. In response to public interest in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Sheridan’s publisher requested that The Pandora Prescription be re-released in 2020.

Sheridan still flies occasionally, and in 2007 he set a world airspeed record in an experimental aircraft.

He has dedicated the last twenty years to finding the definitive answers for humanity’s biggest questions, and his new, “groundbreaking and fantastic” book, The You Code – Your New Life Map Hidden in Your Ancient Genes, represents the conclusion of his quest, becoming a #1 bestseller in Evolutionary Psychology on Amazon and winning first prize in The Pinnacle Award. Jack Canfield (as seen on The Secret documentary and co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul) claimed the book is “Fantastic and groundbreaking.” In 2020, Kiss Fewer Frogs was released, building on The You Code, and applies the principles of The You Code to dating.

Building on the acclaimed success of the research The You Code book was built on, James developed the Sheridan Geno Personality Type tm (SGPT) system, a more accurate and fast method of deciphering not just personality types but also an individual’s true purpose in life, delivering multiple applications to personal and professional life.