James Sheridan is an award-winning and international bestselling author and speaker, award-winning copywriter, co-founder of an Inc. 5000 corporation, and consultant to clients that have included Nasdaq-listed corporations.

Born in London, England. As the only son of a single mother, Sheridan started from humble beginnings before embarking on an eclectic journey of diverse careers and accomplishments. During college he became a professional ice hockey player in Britain’s premier league.

After studying history at college, at twenty years old, he became the youngest regional sales manager for the automobile manufacturer, FIAT Auto Group. Using this highly paid job to save money, at twenty-two years old, Sheridan paid for his own training to get a commercial pilot’s license, moving to America to do so. Upon earning his wings, he slashed his way through a bad recession to survive as a pilot, landing his first pilot job flying cargo to The Caribbean, and secretive diplomatic mail flights from Miami to Cuba in unmarked aircraft as a foreign national. After building enough flight time, he returned to England to find a job with a regional airline before attaining the prized goal of 737 airline pilot at London’s Heathrow Airport.

After peaking early as a 737 airline captain at 29 years old, Sheridan resigned to start businesses, invest in real estate, and trade financial markets, determined to unlock the shortcuts and secrets of all aspects of life that he then passed on through the world of self-improvement to his tens of thousands of students around the globe in a runaway success represented by the founding of an Inc. 5000 company; an award given to America’s fastest growing companies.

Sheridan moved back to America in 2003, and in 2007, determined to expose a medical cover-up, Sheridan wrote the fact-based novel, The Pandora Prescription, which became a bestseller in America and China, also published in Italian and Turkish, and reaching the third highest selling book in all categories on Amazon, and number one in thrillers. It was also the first book in history to have a petition signed by tens of thousands of people to ensure it would not be banned. In response to public interest in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Sheridan’s publisher requested that The Pandora Prescription be re-released in 2020.

Sheridan still flies occasionally, and in 2007 he set a world airspeed record in an experimental aircraft.


He has dedicated the last twenty years to finding the definitive answers for humanity’s biggest questions, and his new, “groundbreaking and fantastic” book, The You Code – Your New Life Map Hidden in Your Ancient Genes, represents the conclusion of his quest. His latest book, Kiss Fewer Frogs, applies the principles of The You Code to dating.