I’m a celebrity/VIP who needs private and confidential coaching…


“’May The Force Be With You’ is charming but it’s not important. What’s important is that you become The Force – for yourself and perhaps for other people.”

– Harrison Ford.

You aren’t alone in your need for this service, so I finally decided to create a special program for you.

In your world, who can you really trust to tell it to you straight and steer you towards a path (or screenplay) that’s right for you instead of them? How can you know which relationships are based on love for who you are as opposed to what you are? If you’re running a large organization, how can you know if your advisors aren’t just saying what you want to hear?

Because most people assume fame and fortune is the solution to all problems, they don’t appreciate that you have the same kinds of issues as everyone else, exacerbating the problem, actually, by pressuring you to project an image of strength and perfection to the world and forcing you to keep everything bottled up inside, and that’s unhealthy.

Special requirements require special treatment, and that’s what I provide… out of sight.

By intention, I’m not a high profile celebrity “guru;” I stay in the shadows so I can best service my clients and protect their privacy. You’ll notice that there are no celebrity testimonials anywhere (Harrison Ford is not a client at time of writing), and that is a token of how seriously I take your privacy (any celebrity testimonials on book jackets only refer to the book in question, and are by strict permission only). Even my romantic partner will not know about any celebrity/VIP clients I may service at any given time.

Be assured that I’m experienced with high-profile/high net worth individuals, as well as certain peoples’ diverse requirements for respecting confidentiality and privacy. Feel free to have your legal team send me a Non-Disclosure Agreement before our complimentary initial consultation by secure phone line directly to my private location.

I work with you at the location of your choice, including your home, anywhere in the world, by appointment, subject to availability if notice period is within 11 days unless there are any cancellations. Note: clients meeting me in the Los Angeles or Orlando area do not get billed for my travel expenses.

You, your agent, or your officially appointed representative may start the process by completing the form below, which also allows you to attach the N.D.A.

If you or your celebrity/VIP client would like a complimentary copy of The You Code – Your New Life Map Hidden in Your Ancient Genes, or Kiss Fewer Frogs please include that request in the form.

Thank you, and I look forward to assisting you.