There are 7 types of guy. Which one of these 7 are you in a relationship with or want to be in a relationship with?

A popularized line from the film, Forrest Gump, goes, “Mama always said life’s like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” But don’t you just read the menu under the chocolate box to see what “you’re gonna get?”

In my new, #1 bestselling book, The You Code , I give you a “7 Guy Menu,” so that you 100% KNOW what you’re “gonna get.”

The book explains how 14 different “Genetypes” (genetic-types) came into existence over our ancient past; 7 female and 7 male genetic personality blueprints. A set number of specific tribe member roles have been continually imprinted on human D.N.A. for at least 70,000 years, possibly even for the 2.5 million years that humans have existed.

There’s a good reason for that old saying, “A leopard can’t change its spots…”

Over the past six years, with thousands of people from a cross section of societies and backgrounds, I’ve conducted a multitude of trials and focus groups in different countries, testing and honing the theory, and the results continually astounded me as much as the subjects. I would send the group to take an hour to study the Genetypal blueprints, and one hundred percent of the participants would return with a shocked expression on their often tearful face as they held up their Genetype profile.

How can these Genetypes exist within us after so long, bearing in mind how different our modern society is to those ancient times?

Our ancient genetic nature hasn’t had time to adapt to this sudden modern environment. Genetic mutation isn’t a speedboat; it’s a sluggish supertanker with an undersized rudder. Turning the wheel hard to port isn’t going to do a thing for a very long time because of inertia, just as the past few hundred years (0.012% of human existence) of modern life mutation and our divided society’s whimsical wish-list isn’t going to budge 2.5 million years of ancient life mutation in a flash, if at all.

It stands to reason that these various “tribe member role genes” are still skipping around in our contemporary gene pool, and the Genetypes this process creates still inhabit our subconscious, whether we like it or not.

The Genetype menu may also give you peace in an existing relationship if it stops you seeing the neighbor’s grass as greener, and it may expose any extramarital affair for what it is. It may reignite your relationship, and take it to new heights that may even include true love now the veil is lifted on whom you truly both are. But that realization may also destroy what was left of your relationship as you appreciate that it wasn’t you simply imagining the disaster, kicking yourself for not paying attention to your gut in earlier years. Either way, you shall have truth, and the truth shall set you free.

This book explains who each of us truly us, and what our purpose is, but it also reveals the 7 male personality blueprints, and dedicates an entire chapter to considering this in relationships.

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