I want to improve my health…


Health can have an impact on our focus and energy levels, so you’re right to address it when it comes to personal accomplishment, but these days it’s an even more profound idea: if you’re not alive to enjoy it, anything you seek in life becomes irrelevant.

Health has become an information jungle populated by rival factions who all want the same thing you do, and I know it gets confusing. Health, especially natural health, is a personal passion of mine, demonstrated by my international bestselling book, The Pandora Prescription. It’s based on true events, but because it’s written as a thriller it’s an entertaining and enlightening way to understand what’s going on beneath the surface of health issues and why we are all so frustrated and increasingly unhealthy as a result. At one point, it was the third bestselling book in the world on Amazon, so check it out. I also dedicate a whole chapter to natural health and how the truth about it lays hidden in our ancient past in my new book, The You Code – Your New Life Map Hidden in Your Ancient Genes. Something you can do immediately to improve your health is to not allow anymore than 5% of food into your body that is processed in any way. Even then, ideally you only consume processed foods that are beneficial, such as trading in your sugar for a natural substitute such as Xylitol (which looks and tastes like sugar, and actually is good for your teeth!), and trade in your dairy for natural substitutes such as the nut milks that are everywhere these days and taste good, even better than milk, in my opinion. Trust me, you’ll notice the difference in your mood and energy levels within a week.

You’ll also find that when you’re living a life true to your purpose, when you aren’t living a lie, that you’ll feel more inclined to be healthy!