I want to be more effective in my job…

This is a great attitude, and your employer should feel lucky to have you. Showing your organization what you can do for them first, and then asking for reward second is a rare quality today, and should take you far. Treat the organization you work for as if it was yours, and, one way or another, at some point karma will repay your generosity.

An effective individual is a focused individual. Consider all the aspects of your life that could be causing your feeling of not being as effective in your job as you’d like. Relationships? Don’t underestimate health, even though you may not feel anything is wrong with you. What’s making you feel this way? Does your employer value you? Why not ask your boss this question directly?

Let’s also think laterally for a second: have you considered that you might simply be in the wrong job? Is it possible that you should be the one who is the employer or that you simply shouldn’t have a job? Is it possible that you don’t feel your full potential is being unlocked in the role you’re in? To know the answers to these questions, you need to know yourself; you need to know who you truly are (not who you think you are), and my new book The You Code – Your New Life Map Hidden in Your Ancient Genes gives you these answers.