A Motivational Speaker in Orlando Who Will Light Up Your Event.

Motivational Speaker

Whether you need a motivational speaker in Orlando as your master of ceremonies, a keynote speech, or simply a speaker’s slot filled at the last minute, your Florida event deserves the best motivational speaker in Orlando.

Leverage my background and expertise to bring extra credibility and value to your Orlando event.

Motivational Speaker in Orlando

A presentation from the Mayor of Orlando, Jerry Demmings (when he was Orange County Sheriff).


Link to full bio at foot of this page, here are the highlights:

• Award-winning author, motivational speaker, coach, and consultant.

• CPD accredited trainer #50394. Ask me how we can make this event accredited for your delegates.

• International bestselling author of books such as “The You Code”

• Former 737 airline captain

• Clients included Nasdaq-listed companies and Inc. 5000 companies.

• Award-winning copywriter and digital marketer.

• New York Times bestselling author of Chicken Soup for the Soul Jack Canfield calls my work “Fantastic and groundbreaking.”

Your Motivational Message, Delivered with Passion and Professionalism, in Orlando Florida

As my works show, particularly in my books, I’m as knowledgeable as I am experienced on a wide variety of subjects, and I can deliver any or all of them to your Orlando attendees in a punchy, memorable, and witty fashion.

My greatest strength is the ability to articulate complex or abstract ideas, making them intellectually accessible to people through the use of powerful analogies delivered in an animated and entertaining way as your Orlando Motivational Speaker.

I can also adapt this delivery to your event as I lace it through your own theme and content as your Master of Ceremonies, and I am open to any new learning about your business that would perfect this function for you.

My Motivational Speaking Philosophy

Most of all, human motivation is my specialist area; the different hot buttons that drive different individuals and discovering our true selves, using the methods explained in my bestselling books and motivational speaking. Here’s some information on my philosophy on motivation and how I could focus my speaking at your Orlando FL event (but what and how I deliver will be entirely your call, of course).

Orlando Motivational Speaker

To find The Answer, I had to ask the right question. After peaking early as an airline captain at twenty-nine years old, I started businesses, traded financial markets, and invested in real estate.

I then passed on my experiences to others through the self-improvement industry, and that’s where I’ve fought on the front lines for the past twenty years. So, it’s been most of my life’s work to attempt to define happiness, because teaching something effectively forces one to bottle it into a formula anyone can access.

It’s one thing to teach the principles of happiness, but it’s another to instill the practice. The student often unconsciously rejects an ideological implant because inception of the idea is not organically of the student’s nature.

A great deal of self-improvement material of every subgenre, be it success/happiness/diet/relationships/etc., requires the student to change their nature, effectively asking a leopard to change its spots. No wonder, then, why New Year’s resolutions fade, gym memberships are forsaken, and self-improvement books are enjoyed but forgotten. It’s an attempt to build skyscrapers on sand. This was a frustrating reality for me, someone who made it his goal in life to help people get what they want.

I grew weary of taking horses to water, nay (pardon the pun), of grabbing the
horse’s mane and thrusting its snout into the water but not having it drink. Clearly, the horse preferred a different beverage.

After this revelation, after I looked in the mirror, I found the answer, and it’s changed my life forever, on all levels, including how I teach the subject of happiness.

Different beverages for different “horses” are the key. It’s not about what society wants for you or what has been nurtured into you, it’s about what your specific nature already has mapped out for you, the life map you were clutching at the second of your conception.

No matter what your parents and teachers said you were and what you would or should become, your optimal path through life was premade by an indomitable force that, once recognized and energized, automatically and totally overrides nurturing.

But that’s not the only message I can bring to the table as one of your motivational speakers in Orlando FL.

Wide Range of Motivational Speaker Topics

Specialties include, but are not limited to, and you may opt for a blend of any of the following for me as your motivational speaker in Orlando.

Personal Success. Why even people who set goals don’t achieve them and how to correct this immediately. A ground breaking approach to achieving success for a New Age.

Relationships. My latest book, Kiss Fewer Frogs, applies my research to dating and relationships.

Human Resources. A revolutionary approach to recruitment, selection, interviewing, motivation, and internal postings.

Sales. If your sales team knows “The 7 Sales Languages” they will become unstoppable, holding an unfair edge over your competitors.

Marketing, especially direct marketing and copywriting. How a single ad can make your company double in size overnight (I’ve done this for previous clients).

Investing and Trading. I can blend into your own conference or explain my own proprietary systems that are proven as successful over 30 years. Also, I can include geopolitics, market psychology, and shifting societal influences.

Writing. Fiction books, non-fiction books, non-fiction content, copywriting, email marketing, you name it, it’s all about a simple formula that you must use before you write a single word.

Your Next Step

Simply contact me to discuss dates and the details:

Email: James@JamesSheridan.com

Phone: 321-320-2451

I wish you the best of luck with your Orlando motivational event, and I hope I will be available to be one of your speakers at it!