Purpose Coach and bestselling and award-winning author and speaker, James Sheridan.

Purpose is everything…

It’s who you are and why you’re here. The answer to the ultimate question that any human can ask themselves, but so few of us even know to ask it…

I know you are here for a reason; a reason that’s specific to you.

How do I know this…?

Purpose Coach Awards

Because it’s been my main focus for over a decade, and I’ve delivered it to people many times around the world, through my award-winning and bestselling books, seminars, and one-on-one meetings.

Now, I’d like to do the same for you…

Purpose Coach

I’m going to give you a definitive and actionable answer to it that question, here and now.

That’s right.

I am a major disruptor and innovator in the space tasked with answering the most crucial question not just facing the individual, but also humanity at this time.

The best the self-improvement industry has come up with to solve the critical issue of human happiness and purpose is fluffy tip-sheets, instructions on how to figure out your purpose for yourself, and one-size-fits all generic soundbites like, “Your purpose is to serve God” or “Your purpose is to find yourself.”

I’m not disagreeing; I’m saying that people need a little more specificity…

The fact that you’re interested in a purpose coach says several awesome things about you:

1) You’ve heard the calling of something deep within, in your very genes, and you’re taking action.

2) You appreciate that we each have a purpose in life

3) You understand that knowing your purpose isn’t just some idle interest; it’s the most important thing you can do in your life.

4) You rightly calculated that answering the most important question of your life should be taken seriously, and it’s going to take help from an impartial expert who has ideally dedicated their life to being a purpose coach (that would be me).

This is not only to help you find what is my purpose, but to craft it into your life on a daily and permanent basis, defining you and everything you do for a life of joy, contribution, and contentment.


You must find the right purpose coach for you (just as a purpose coach must find the right clients to work with).

So, I’ll tell you up front, my methods are controversial and shocking to some people.

But they have a very high success rate. Quickly.

My methods are shown in this bestselling book that I’ll give you for FREE in just a moment.

The depth psychologists I learned this from probably wouldn’t agree with me using their method in this way, but people today need answers… fast.

Purpose Coach Free Book

As thanks for spending this time with me here and now.

Why is this method so controversial?

Because the results can cause shock and/or awe in the subject. But this is a good thing because this shock to the system (to your ego, actually) breaks negative cycles and shakes you into action. Your false self, the ego, gets caught out in the process and desperately fights to retain its authority over you. And ego dominance is what’s stopping you growing and keeping you chained to fear and doubt. It must be severed.

Still here?

Good! Okay. Then please sit back and stay a while as I answer the questions you might be asking now:

1. Why is knowing your purpose in life so important and empowering?
2. Why do you need a purpose coach?
3. Why should I be your purpose coach?

Why is knowing your purpose in life so important and empowering?

1. The dreams that come true are those forged in the fires of our bellies. Not having a sense of purpose in life is the biggest cause of failure. You must be focused on something, and that “something” is attained automatically when it’s your purpose because it is then pure joy, not work.

2. Motivation becomes a given, you won’t struggle anymore to get it done. The idea of a “New Year’s Resolution” becomes nonsensical because you won’t need a date on a calendar anymore, nor will you need to worry about breaking those resolutions; to do so would be to break your very soul.

3. If you select your purpose correctly, it will involve contributing in some way to the greater good. This brings you peace and joy, which in turn brings you less stress, better health, spiritual alignment.

4. You will have what I call “life lucidity.” Suddenly you’ll know which way to turn at every crossroads in life because knowing your purpose means knowing exactly who you truly are. You’ll start living your life your way, not the way you’ve been programmed to live.

5. You cannot truly love another until you love yourself, and you cannot love yourself until you know who you are. Using my method, knowing yourself is a valuable biproduct of knowing your purpose.

6. When you are in the act of living out your purpose you have easy and instant access to the Quantum Field/Infinite Intelligence/God (the name you give the undeniable force in the Universe is up to you, just acknowledge it is real). When driven by purpose, the Divine in you is alive, and you feel chosen, and alone no more.

7. Thought + emotion = physical event. It’s not enough to just think about the thing you want in life; you have to feel it to make the Infinite Intelligence go about getting it for you. Purpose is passion, passion is emotion, emotion is feeling. Plus, the Infinite needs specificity to make the dream come true; it doesn’t know what to do with non-specific terms like, “To serve God” etc. And, when it comes to individual purpose, specificity is my specialty.

Why do you need a purpose coach?

1. First, you don’t need a purpose coach, you need a good one, or the results will actually do more harm than good. Following the wrong path in life is worse than not following one at all.

2. A new set of eyes. Your ego is currently in control, and it is subjective. You are not who you think you are. You need objectivity to see through the web of lies your ego has spun about you since birth. Your unconscious awareness of this is what brought you here.

3. It’s well proven that when a self-improver has a goal and someone to report their progress to, that results improve dramatically.

4. A coach helps you through the critical first 30 days, which usually involve breaking patterns and replacing them with new ones; in this case, purpose-driven patterns.


Why should I be your purpose coach?

My answers are also demonstrated by these videos of when Jack Canfield (New York Times bestselling author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul”) interviewed me about “The You Code”, the FREE book I’ll give you in just a second.

1. Your ego is in the way, and most people need help pushing it aside in both the discovery and implementation of individual purpose. Your ego is the false self; nothing more than the crap that landed on you since birth. My methods prove that purpose is practically written into our genes, your true self. Your biological nature is who you really are, which means that your purpose in life is biological. My job is to give you back what you lost at birth; to take you home.

2. There is no such thing as a normal person, and there is no such thing as a weird person. I don’t use a cookie-cutter or offer generics or tell you how to figure it out for yourself. After our very first one-on-one call, I will categorically tell you your purpose in life!

3. You get me as your purpose coach, not an associate that I’ve trained, ME.

4. I have personal experience of setting and accomplishing anything I set my mind to (I’ve been everything from a pro hockey player to an airline captain to bestselling author and speaker). Sadly, many people who call themselves life coaches today haven’t seen much of “life” let alone even “coached” themselves through its challenges. That’s also why I see myself as more of a mentor than a coach.

5. In a first for the self-improvement industry, the mentoring is tailored to who you truly are what your purpose is. As explained previously, the very nature of my method means I can’t and won’t use cookie-cutter coaching. To exemplify this revolutionary approach, if you attend one of my live events or read any of my books, you notice a generic part of the training but also a “break-out” part where the training is customized to the individual.

6. Use of a “groundbreaking” approach based on award-winning research which delivers additional benefits to the individual on a whole new level. The door to the spiritual opens when you appreciate what’s behind my method. When the ego is put in its place, you can expect less anxiety, anger, jealousy, fear, restrictions and false beliefs… and more love and joy and appreciation.

7. Last but not least, I don’t like to lose. My purpose in life is to deliver your purpose in life; and to do the same for every human on the planet. I never give up, and we won’t stop until you know who you are, What is my purpose in life, and that you are living it every day.

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