Many people today crave many things. See how many of these are on your wish list:
Inner Peace
Did I leave anything out?
But there is something underneath the surface that, if discovered, will tick ALL the boxes on that list, and I’ll explain what it is.
“Just be yourself,” you are often told, and rightfully so, but how can you truly be yourself if you don’t know who you are? Better advice is, “Know thyself,” but how can you accomplish that? The Law of Attraction says you can have anything you focus on, but how do you know what to focus on?
There is no shortage of profound and useful self-improvement advice out there, but there is a missing piece of the puzzle that is found by unequivocally answering the questions that soul-searching humans have asked themselves for thousands of years: Who am I, and why am I here?
“Why am I here?” Asking this question is somehow hardwired into our genes, and it represents a key difference between human animals and other animals: the potential for consciousness of thought and action. A more negative way we ask this question (often to the sky) is, “What’s the point in it all?” or “Is this all there is?” but it’s all really the same question being asked in different ways: “What is my purpose?” And you can’t know your purpose until you know who you are.
How can you love yourself or feel self-esteem unless you know who you are? We have to know someone before we can love them, right?
Knowing who you are = purpose = happiness/self-esteem/motivation/inner peace/enlightenment/self-awareness.
All boxes on that list ticked.
In my new book, The You Code, I lay out the long-proven system that shows you EXACTLY who you are and why you’re here. This long-awaited book is already a #1 bestseller on Amazon, even before the launch date on Nov 17, and you can pre-order your copy now on Amazon here (20% of profits to charities that defend against domestic violence).
Have a great week, and remember, whatever it is you’re craving, the reason why you’re suffering, it all comes back to getting a definitive answer to that ultimate question: “Who are you, and why are you here?”

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