What is the True Self?

what is the true self

If you want to hear hundreds of different answers for just one question, ask, “What is the true self?”

We also attempt to answer this question with endless personality tests and quizzes.

But there’s only one answer to the question, and it was answered for us in the most ancient texts known to humanity…

And I’ll give you that answer now…

Have you ever thought about some of the expressions we take for granted?

Like, “Get out the way of your SELF” and “I knew I should have listened to my SELF”

Who is this person we need to get out the way of and listen to?

Without realizing, we’re talking about our TRUE self.

What’s the true self?

I’ll tell you in a second, but first, consider this:

If we ask what is the TRUE self, we must agree there is a false self.

In other words, we must agree there are two of you.

And only of them is real.

How can we distinguish between the two?

Well, when we remove everything that is false, only the truth remains. “True” is defined as “not false.”

So, let’s first look at the definition of false when it’s used to describe something, as in a false version of you:

It means “made to deceive” and “not factual.”

In other words, it isn’t real.

This fake version of you can only be caused, therefore, by your nurture…

As soon as we are born, we are indoctrinated. We are hardwired to conform to the group for better survival. Parents, teachers, friends, the social narrative, we adapt to all these things to fit in and pacify.

In other words, we fabricate a conforming version of ourselves without realizing.

This sounds like the definition of false, right? “Made to deceive” and “not factual.”

The line between true and false self was drawn on the day you were born; the day you became conscious and began the development of your ego- which is the false version of you. It’s only an IDEA of who you are…

But after years and years of spinning this web, we end up believing that this false-self ego consciousness is who we are.

But deep inside, in our gut, in a collect-call from our ancient instincts, we know this is a lie.

So we start asking questions… or have mental health problems for inexplicable reasons.

That’s the false self. It’s the fake version of you that was created after birth, it’s post-natal.

So, by deduction, if our false self is our nurtured self, our true self must be our nature, the version of us that existed before birth.

Nature, nurture, right?

There is no “nature-nurture argument”, you’re both.

Nurture = false self, after birth, ego conscious.

Nature = TRUE self, before birth, unconscious.

So, your nature is in your genes.

Therefore, that is where your true self lies.

You cannot deny this logic.

So is there a fully formed version of you, a personality type in your genes?

Yes, and this is what my years of award-winning research has revealed, in detail. I call them Genetypes.

But your false self does not want you to see them. Ego has been in the driving seat for years, and it is not giving up that power without a fight.

There is another definition of “true,” and that is: “In accordance with reality.”

So, your false self is not in accordance with reality, you just think it is, society thinks it is.

This means we must forge a new reality for ourselves, based on the realization of your true self, not what everyone else wants you to be. Or, as Abraham Maslow, father of modern psychology prescribed, “being independent of the good opinion of others.”

If you want a definitive and detailed answer on who your true self is, it’s time for you to know your Genetype.




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