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Why do I feel different from others ARCAtypes

By award-winning author of The You Code, James Sheridan.

Why Do I Feel Different From Others?

Do you often find yourself asking “Why do I feel different from others?” As a life coach based in Orlando, I can tell you that you’re not alone in feeling like you stand out from the crowd.
In my years helping people become their true selves, I’ve found that plenty of people feel like they’re an outcast from the people around them. In fact, so many people come to me with this issue that I’d wager to bet that someone you know feels the same way you do, and you don’t even know it!

So why do you feel different from others, and what can you do to fix it? My book, ARCAtypes, gives the most comprehensive breakdown of personality types that you’ll find, and I’m sure my wealth of experience as a life coach might be able to help you answer this question:

What Makes You and makes you ask Why Do I Feel Different From Others?

The first thing we should account for when answering the all-important question of what makes you different from others is: what makes us so unique in the first place? By understanding what makes up people’s personalities, you might find that you’re not so different from the people around you as you thought you were.
There are two fundamental aspects to your personality as it stands today: nurture and your personality type. Nurture is the way you were raised: your parents, your influences, the effect of the temperamental Orlando weather on your upbringing, and any external factor that went into the shaping of your personality.
Nurture isn’t the thing we’re going to focus on here: Really, we can think of nurture as an engraving on your true spirit that makes it unique – but the main part of your spirit that determines your personality is a personality type.
There are 14 personality types that I give an outline of in my ARCAtypes book, and everyone falls into one of them. With my experience as an Orlando, FL life coach, I can help you figure out which type you fit in to and how to spot others who are the same.

Finding your ARCAtype Will Unlock Your True Potential

Beyond archetypes, there are ARCAtypes. The main reason people feel disconnected and different from others is that they don’t know what their ARCAtype is. It affects everybody with how they live and make decisions. With the knowledge of the ARCAtype that controls you, you can harness its power and live your life to its best potential.
On top of unlocking your personal power, you’ll also begin to spot quiet signs of other people around you who share your ARCAtype. With another 284,000 people living in, for example, the town of Orlando, there are sure to be plenty of people just like you that you can feel connected to. Just do the math! If we assume there is a relatively equal spread of ARCAtypes across the city, that means there will be over 20,000 people who share the same personality traits as you.
So, if you’re feeling disconnected from others, the chances are that you may have just not found your tribe yet – but that doesn’t mean they’re not out there! You’re just not equipped with the skills to spot them! I can help you find your ARCAtype and spot other people who are like you too.

What is an ARCAtype?

The type of things encapsulated in your ARCAtype includes a detailed knowledge of your purpose and how you can be of service to the world. This is why knowing your ARCAtype is so powerful! It will allow you to stop feeling alienated from the world around you and truly connect with people in a way that only your personality type can.
ARCA stands for Assimilation, Recognition, Consciousness, Almagamation. These are the four steps you take to evade your ego and find your true personality so that you can find others who are like you too! With the help of my book and my personal services as an Orlando, FL life coach, you’ll be able to find your ARCAtype with ease.
ARCAtypes might determine whether you’re someone driven by logic or creativity. They can determine which kind of careers you’d flourish in, how you organize yourself, and what attributes you best provide to society at large. When you recognize these aspects of yourself, you’ll notice you may begin to find them in other people too.
That’s the great thing about knowing your ARCAtype – not only will you be able to have personal power for yourself and find friends who are likeminded with the help of Orlando FL life coaches, but you’ll also be able to nurture people and help them discover their ARCAtype too!
So, if you’re struggling to connect to other people, my services as a life coach Orlando are sure to help you overcome this battle with ease.

Closing Thoughts on the question, “Why Do I Feel Different From Others?”

The main takeaway from all of this is no matter how alone you might feel. It’s certain that there’s plenty of people who are just like you at their core! So even if you had a wild childhood where alligators raised you in Lake Okeechobee, and no one could possibly share your experiences, you’d still have people who share your personality type – at least 20,000 of them in Orlando alone at that!
If you’re looking to gain personal power, connect with others, and find your true purpose in life, knowing your ARCAtype is a great start. My ARCAtype book is the perfect way to understand the steps of the process and get you on the correct track to uncovering your true self. I also offer one-to-one services as an Orlando, FL life coach, depending on availability if you’re looking to regain your power on a more personal level.
I’m eager to begin helping you find your true self through ARCAtypes so that you can go into the world and find people like you!

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