Why do I still feel a connection to my ex
Why do I still feel connected to my ex?

By James Sheridan, award-winning and bestselling author of “Kiss Fewer Frogs.”

Why Do I Still Feel a Connection to My Ex?

As an Orlando life coach, I’ve come across tons of people in The City Beautiful looking for guidance on romance. Love is one of the top things that people come to Orlando, Fl life coaches for because it dictates such a big part of our lives – It’s why I dedicated my time to writing my hit book ‘Kiss Fewer Frogs’ to guide people into choosing the right partners for the rest their lives instead of wasting time on dates that are going nowhere. This leads to the question that many people visit me with, “Why Do I Still Feel a Connection to My Ex?”

You may be Romanticising the Past if you keep asking yourself Why Do I Still Feel a Connection to My Ex?

Everybody knows the power of nostalgia that can hold on to your memory of the past. You might think back to being a kid and playing by an Orlando lakeside with your friends with such joy – but people tend to forget that there is a lot of bad stuff you will block out along the way, and that memory of the past isn’t wholly accurate.
This is the same case for when people feel connected to their ex whom they were sure they were through with: You may look back on your past relationship and remember all the positives: the comfort, the date, the gifts, the intimacy. But you’re failing to remember all of the heartache, arguments, and trouble that led you to end things.
Romanticizing the past is one of the main culprits for why people still feel connected to their ex. So if you turn to one of the Orlando, FL life coaches like me, I will give you the help you need. You will stop sugarcoating the past and uncover your true passions and emotions.

You Never Got True Closure could be the answer to your question, Why Do I Still Feel a Connection to My Ex?

Another reason why people feel strongly connected to their ex because they lack closure on their relationship. Any life coach Orlando will tell you the number of people who come to seek help because they’re seeking closure in their romantic life. Did your relationship end on a blunt note? Do you feel there were things you didn’t say between you and your partner? Do you yearn for answers about your relationship and its demise that have been bugging you since the breakup?
If you’d answer yes to any of the questions above, chances are your connection to your ex is a result of a lack of closure. However, you still feel a connection because you feel there is still more you need to discuss with your ex-partner. If you’re looking to deal with issues in how to get closure, my work as a renowned Orlando, FL life coach will help you out. I will offer you the tips and guidance you need to navigate this and come out the end as a grown person.

You’re Still In Love

I’ll level with you here: This one usually isn’t the reason why you’re still feeling connected to your ex. But sometimes relationships end because of miscommunication – you may feel like your relationship ended because of a mistake that could have been hashed out pretty easily, and this certainly can sometimes be the case. Likewise, some relationships run their course too early because you and your partner were not equipped with the tools to communicate your concerns.
As one of the best Orlando, FL life coaches in town, I’ve helped countless people work on becoming better communicators. This in turn helps them express to their lost partners how they really feel. Once you have the power to aptly communicate your emotions, you will be able to open so many doors that you thought may have been closed to you.
Additionally, with good communication, there’s a chance you could hash things out with your ex if they still feel the same way too – but always proceed with caution!

So, What Now?

Maybe this article has offered you some insight and answers to your question, Why Do I Still Feel a Connection to My Ex? Or maybe you’re still as in the dark about it as when you began. In any case, I believe the root of understanding if your connection is genuine is to know your intentions and your value as a person. In my years as an Orlando life coach, I’ve developed a sure-fire way for people to figure out if that partner their yearning for is really for them.
My book Kiss Fewer Frogs outlines everything you need to know about picking the right person to be spending your whole life with. I guarantee after this book; you’ll be able to figure out that the man you’re seeing is Mr. Right within ten minutes of the meeting. That’s right: ten minutes! You can apply this to your ex to see if he really was the one that got away; maybe you already know that your ex wasn’t the one for you – with my vast experience as an Orlando life coach I implanted in this book, you’ll be able to find the one who is meant for you.
So, feel free to use my wisdom as guidance for your future love life or even to reach out to me with any particular advice you may need! With my help, you can turn your love life from an Orlando hurricane into a wave of sunny days! So Kiss Fewer Frogs and find the partner who’s right for you with a helping hand from me!

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